How to Rekindle the Love in Your Relationship? 5 Tips

What should you do to make your relationship work? Have you ever pondered how to rekindle a relationship's passion? When it comes to YOUR relationship, that's a fairly important thing to ask. Most guys believe it begins with fantastic sex. They'd be incorrect, to be sure. While I like wonderful sex as well, it cannot be the foundation for a long-term relationship. It also can't be the foundation for rekindling the flame in a relationship. I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that men and women have quite different notions about how to rekindle a relationship. Let's find some tips to revive the love in your relationship! 1. Explore circumstances To start a fire, you must first have the appropriate circumstances. You'll need air, the correct sort of fuel or materials to burn, and some heat or friction, of course. Whether it's lighting a match to some paper, rubbing two dry sticks together, or starting a fire for romance, things get a little trick